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Why sign up for this course?

Netflix guidelines have set a subtitling standard which is now used by many media localization companies when working on Netflix-branded content as well as other content.

Whether you can understand and successfully apply Netflix guidelines can make or break your career in subtitling. We made this course to help you become a master of Netflix guidelines.

We offer 100% money-back guarantee.

Thanks to this course,
you will...

  • master the Netflix guidelines so that you feel more confident about your subtitles

  • avoid most frequent subtitling errors (that would reflect badly on your work) so that you can keep getting more and better tasks

  • catch and eliminate many simple formatting errors so that your QC scores can be impeccable

And that's not all!
You will also...

  • understand the 12 frames rule to be able to time subtitles correctly around shot changes

  • grasp the intricacies of forced narratives (FNs) so that you don't have to redeliver your files due to missing or incorrect FNs

  • learn and remember crucial rules and exceptions and this way save loads of time by not having to looks for a needle in a haystack or ask around subtitling forums

What you will get from this course

  • Premium learning experience

    Gain access to our full suite of training materials created by experienced audiovisual translation trainers

  • Video lessons and tutorials

    Learn from our engaging video tutorials full of practical examples

  • Interactive quizzes

    With our innovative quizzes you will not only check your knowledge but also learn even more

  • Downloadable resources

    Download our handouts for future use in your subtitling projects

  • Social media learning community

    Gain unlimited access to our private Facebook group to engage in discussions with your fellow students

  • Interviews with experts

    The course features exclusive interviews with localization experts who share their take on Netflix guidelines

Master Netflix guidelines
from the convenience of your home

The flexibility you need from a professional development course

AVT Masterclass specializes in continous professional development training. Our courses are engaging and innovative and can be fully completed online. Learn the intricacies of Netflix guidelines without having to leave your home.
Master Netflix guidelines from the convenience of your home.

This course is right for you if...

  • you work with Netflix content and you want to become more confident as a subtitler through learning the ins and outs of Netflix guidelines

  • you work with non-Netflix content but you have to follow the Netflix specification and you want to understand the intricacies of Netflix guidelines to be able to apply them successfully

  • you want to pass a subtitling test and land your dream subtitling job working with Netflix content

  • you want to know why QC-ers change the timing of your subtitles or flag other guidelines-related errors

This course is NOT for you if...

Let's set the expectations clear

  • you're new to subtitling and you want to learn the basics ("Fundamentals of subtitling" is the right course for you)

  • you haven't been trained in timing subtitles and you need to learn key timing skills (check out "Timing subtitles 101")

  • you're experienced in translating subtitles and you want to learn how to create subtitle templates from scratch ("Template Creation" is the way to go)

You need to learn the basics of subtitling first?

Why not choose our bundle: Fundamentals + Timing Subtitles 101?

  • Fundamentals of Subtitling & Timing Subtitles 101

    By choosing the bundle, you will get access to the Fundamentals of Subtitling and Timing Subtitles 101, which includes hands-on exercises and discounts on professional subtitling software OOONA and EZTitles.


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Course syllabus

What will you learn?

    1. 🤝 Welcome to the course

    2. 🧭 How to use our courses (video walkthrough)

    1. Day 1 begins

    2. 📽️ Understanding Netflix terminology

    3. 📚Netflix General Timed Text Guidelines

    4. 🏋 Interactive tutorial — Netflix General Timed Text Guidelines

    1. Welcome to Day 2

    2. 📚 Netflix general subtitling guidelines — take one 🎬

    3. 🏋 Interactive tutorial — Netflix Timing Guidelines — take one

    1. ⏰ High time for Day 3

    2. 🎥 Half a second rule ("12 frames rule")

    3. 📚 Netflix Timing Guidelines — take two

    4. 🏋 Interactive tutorial — Netlifx Timing Guidelines — take two

    5. 🪙🪙 To cross shot changes or not? Our two cents on the topic

    1. 👨‍💻️ Day 4 is sponsored by forced narratives :-)

    2. 🎥 Forced narratives explained: 5 uses of FNs

    3. 🎥 When not to use forced narratives?

    4. 🎥 Formatting forced narratives

    5. 🎞️ Forced narratives in practice (case study of "The Crown")

    6. 📚 Netflix guidelines on forced narratives

    7. 🏋 Interactive tutorial — Forced narratives

    1. In day 5 we get critical 😀

    2. 💡 Critical look at Netflix guidelines

    3. ⬆️ Is subtitle reading speed going up? (INTERVIEW)

    4. How fast is too fast? Reading speed revisited (INTERVIEW)

    5. 🧔What Max Deryagin thinks about Netflix guidelines? (INTERVIEW)

    6. 👩 Professor Szarkowska's take on Netflix guidelines (INTERVIEW)

About this course

  • €85,00
  • 42 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Our guarantee

We are confident in the quality of our courses, which has been confirmed by many satisfied students. That’s why we are able to offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you buy the course and find that you did not learn anything new or that you think the course is not in line with its description or syllabus, we will refund you 100% of what you paid. [See “Terms of use” for details.]
We offer 100% money-back guarantee.

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Meet your instructors

Experienced audiovisual translation trainers

Łukasz Dutka is an audiovisual translator, subtitling trainer and expert in media accessibility. He's one of the founders of AVT Masterclass, a director of the Global Alliance of Speech-to-Text Captioning, and a member of the Management Board of Dostepni.eu, an accessibility services provider. He studied applied linguistics as well as comparative literature. In 2012, he became an in-house subtitler for Polish public broadcaster and was responsible for SDH subtitling and semi-live subtitling of news broadcasts. As a member of Dostepni.eu team, he pioneered live subtitling through respeaking in Poland with the first accessible political and social events in 2013, first interlingual live subtitling in 2015 and first Polish television broadcast with live subtitling through respeaking in 2017. Since 2012, he has worked as a freelance subtitler and QC'er for leading localization companies, including working on many high-level titles. In 2019, he helped set up a live subtitling unit for Polsat, a leading TV broadcaster in Poland. He has nine years of experience in running training programmes for companies as well as teaching university-level courses on audiovisual translation, subtitling, subtitling for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and interpreting.. He is a member of the Polish Association of Audiovisual Translators, the University of Warsaw Audiovisual Translation Lab (AVT Lab), European Society for Translation Studies (EST) and European Association for Studies in Screen Translation (ESIST). Born by the mountains, he now lives by the ocean in a multilingual family that speaks Polish, English, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and Portuguese. He's a passionate movie-goer, reader, swimmer, chocolate-eater and a coffee addict.

Łukasz Dutka

AVT Masterclass Co-founder

Meet your instructors

Experienced audiovisual translation trainers

Prof. Agnieszka Szarkowska is a researcher and translator trainer, academic teacher and audiovisual translation consultant. Agnieszka works in the Institute of Applied Linguistics at the University of Warsaw, leads the research group Audiovisual Translation Lab (AVT Lab), and is also an Honorary Research Associate at University College London. With over 20 years of hands-on teaching experience, Agnieszka has trained hundreds of students internationally to become high-quality professionals in the audiovisual translation industry. Agnieszka is the author of over 70 publications on audiovisual translation and principal investigator of several research projects. She is also a member of the European Association for Studies in Screen Translation (ESIST), European Society for Translation Studies (EST) and an honorary member of the Polish Audiovisual Translators Association (STAW).

Agnieszka Szarkowska

AVT Masterclass Co-founder

Meet your instructors

Experienced audiovisual translation trainers

Agnieszka Walczak, PhD, is a translator, translator trainer and media accessibility expert. She holds a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Warsaw. She graduated with honours, defending the first thesis in Poland on text-to-speech audio description. She has also completed postgraduate studies on audiovisual translation at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities. Defended at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Agnieszka’s doctoral dissertation focused on the reception of audio description and was produced within the framework of the European Project Hybrid Broadcast Broadband for All. She is a member of the TransMedia Catalonia Research Group and University of Warsaw Audiovisual Translation Lab (AVT Lab). Agnieszka is the author of over 15 publications on audiovisual translation. University lecturer for almost 8 years (Autonomous University of Barcelona, University of Warsaw, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, University of Łódź). Agnieszka combines her academic expertise with experience in the audiovisual localization industry. She has been working as a freelance subtitler and audio describer for various linear and non-linear providers for over 10 years. She has also experience from working with global production and post-production companies. Member of European Society for Translation Studies (EST), European Association for Studies in Screen Translation (ESIST), Polish Audiovisual Translators Association (STAW) and AKCES Expert Group on Accessibility.

Agnieszka Walczak

AVT Masterclass Co-founder

AVT Masterclass does not have links with Netflix

and this course is NOT endorsed by Netflix

We cannot guarantee that you get jobs that involve Netflix content. We can guarantee that you will gain a complete understanding of Netflix general subtitling guidelines as well as timing guidelines.

The course is based
on publicly available information

and does not include any confidential
or priviliged information from Netflix

The course materials are based on the guidelines as well as other publications that were made publicly available by Netflix and you can get access to them online. This course does not include any priviliged information or any Netflix-related information that wouldn't be publicly available. The course is based on our 10+ years of experience of training subtitlers and our observations on what the subtitlers find most challenging about the Netflix guidelines. The course includes training content, interactive tutorials as well as bonus materials such as interviews with experts. all of which are AVT Masterclass originals and are available exclusively as part of this course.


Any questions?

  • Is the course available in more languages?

    No. This course is available in English. Please note that this is a language-agnostic course and it covers Netflix general and timing guidelines that apply to subtitles in all languages. Whatever your working language(s), you will find this course useful and you will learn general and timing rules. There are some rules and conventions which are language-specific and these are discussed in a separate course called "Master Netflix Conventions in...". We're currently working on making language-specific courses available in English, Spanish and Polish.

  • How long does it take to complete the course?

    Usually the students take a few days to complete this course and we suggest that you do it over five days, dedicating one or two hours per day. But it's up to you - the duration of the course depends on your individual needs, previous knowledge and the time you have. If you like, you can even do it all in one intensive day! (However, dividing your time it into various, shorter study sessions is better for your memory.) Please remember that by signing up, you get a one-year access to the course and lifetime access to our social media learning community.

  • Will I have to attend regular online classes?

    No, this course is self-paced, which means you can do as much as you want at a time. You're in full control of your learning process. Join our private Facebook group to network with your fellow students. If you're not a fan of Facebook (some of us aren't too), you can follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter or send us an e-mail at info@avtmasterclass.com.

  • Do I need any subtitling software?

    No, to complete this course you don't need access to subttiling software. Please check our other courses to get free 3-month access to professional subtitling software (OOONA and EZTitles). If you haven't got any subtitling or translation experience, we recommend taking our bundle including the FUNDAMENTALS OF SUBTITLING & TIMING SUBTITLES 101.

  • Can I get an invoice for the course with my company/organization details?

    Sure! All you need to do is send us your organization details (name, address, VAT number) at info@avtmasterclass.com. Our accounting team will be back with the invoice.

  • Will I learn language-specific conventions that apply in my language?

    No, this course focuses on key rules that apply to all languages. We teach language-specific conventions in separate courses called "Master Netflix Conventions". We're currently working on making language-specific courses available in English, Spanish and Polish and we're planning to add more language over time. If you want to suggest a language that we should work on next, please e-mails us at info@avtmasterclass.com. We respond to each and every e-mail :-)

  • Can you help me get a job at Netflix?

    Well, no :-) But we can help you become a better subtitler. And you can check our free webinar on finding jobs in AVT and media localization that will give you some ideas on how to search for jobs that involve working with Netflix content.

  • Do you offer bulk pricing for LSPs?

    If you want to to purchase licenses for your team of subtitlers or make this course available internally within your organization, reach out to us as info@avtmasterclass.com and we'll be happy to send you an offer. At AVT Masterclass, we're experienced in delivering live and online trainings as well as developing custom-made training materials for large organizations.